Everyone is looking for something….

We are all seeking happiness but do we really know how to get that? For years I myself thought happiness was in the things I had, I owned, possessed. Don’t get be wrong my friends and family made me happy but did I really appreciate all that I had? I mean if I were happy with all that why was I still craving more?

My mother was that of a wise woman, simple and anyone who knew her saw the love she had for others. She would write poetry as anyone does to express her versions of life, love and happiness. She wrote this poem and I have it posted on my fridge & in passing yesterday I thought it would be perfect to share with you.  A reflection of what we really should be looking for in life……

Looking For Something
Everyone’s seeking the secret of life, how foolish can they be – for what everyone’s searching so hard to find is something everyday we see. But it can only be found in giving, giving of one’s all, in following one’s vocation in the manor of their call. As we see the bird’s up in the sky not wanting to walk but content to fly.                As the flowers that sprout up then fade away happy for the beauty they brought for a day.                                                              Then why as humans can’t we see if we gave our all how happy we would be.          But first we have to learn to love, for that’s the secret of life to love not only when things are right, but through trials & sorrow & strife.  We had the perfect example to follow from one who knew how to love, who gave his life so we could have true happiness up above. So if you’re searching for this priceless secret I hope now you see, that when you love with all your heart HAPPINESS COMES FREE.

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At 42 years old I'm finally learning the purpose of life. Life changed for me this year in ways I could never have imagined, at my darkest days God showed me the light and brought me back to life. Sometimes you must lose it all in order to start again and this time with meaning. Being greatful for the blessings you have and for the blessing you can bestow on others. Realizing what is truly important in life is the impact you bring on others. I had always wanted to use my personal training to give women back power, power that I felt the first time I fell after a bad break up. I used training to rebuild myself but as explained in My Story is was never a complete rebuild. This year being ripped to my core I was able to rebuild myself not in the physical sense this time but the mental, emotional and spiritual foundations. See being fit is about completion of mind, body & spirit. I want to be able to help women see their true potential in life and each other.

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