A True Legacy ….Gone But Will NEVER Be Forgotten!!!

As I sit, still in complete awe of the news you’re gone tears flow down my face. I remember our interviews and the powerful presence I felt when you walked in the room and the complete intimidation I felt. I remember the words you spoke to me, it was the first time in my life that someone believed in my skills and told me I was brought in to change the dynamics of a company.  You made me feel like I was important and that for the first time I was more than just a person behind a desk. Every time you spoke to me it was of total encouragement and always had a positive outlook even on the darkest days. You lead our team with power and provided a drive to success that even when our failures were on the table you made it known it was a trip and not a fall. Your presence was so powerful that when you walked into a room people stopped and listened even when there was nothing but the silence of your presence.  I remember when I thought I was called into your office to be scolded for standing up for myself instead you high- fived me and told me to continue to change the dynamics of our department.  No matter the circumstance personal or business you were there with your fatherly advice and continued to believe in the woman in me. As I departed on my adventure to Texas you stated several times you wish I would stay but knew I had to see what adventures were in store for me on the other side. When times got rough and I didn’t what to do all I had to do was to reach out and you always had those guiding words on how to handle it. But most importantly, encouraged me to stay true to myself and be happy. I remember when I had-had enough of the downward spiral and reached out to you to see if you could bring me home to the place where my heart was happy. I do not know what you did or said but I remember the call stating I could come back. To walk in the doors again and to see your face was more comforting than I could ever explain in words. Sadly I only got to see you a couple times before your health started to deteriorate, but I got to present you with the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” a story of a teacher who changed the life of one his peers thru the outlook of his life. Brian, you are and will always be my MENTOR, my Morrie. No one will ever take your place at work or in my heart. I will never forget you and may your legacy live on FOREVER. No more pain boss, may you soar with the angels…. miss you so much already BOSS!!! xoxoxoxo

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At 42 years old I'm finally learning the purpose of life. Life changed for me this year in ways I could never have imagined, at my darkest days God showed me the light and brought me back to life. Sometimes you must lose it all in order to start again and this time with meaning. Being greatful for the blessings you have and for the blessing you can bestow on others. Realizing what is truly important in life is the impact you bring on others. I had always wanted to use my personal training to give women back power, power that I felt the first time I fell after a bad break up. I used training to rebuild myself but as explained in My Story is was never a complete rebuild. This year being ripped to my core I was able to rebuild myself not in the physical sense this time but the mental, emotional and spiritual foundations. See being fit is about completion of mind, body & spirit. I want to be able to help women see their true potential in life and each other.

One thought on “A True Legacy ….Gone But Will NEVER Be Forgotten!!!”

  1. Man really haven’t got chance to tell you how important you where when I was at northern Michigan sorry, God have you now no more pain, never forget the play t-shack I looked at you did not want disappoint you I did my best great thing happen thanks for the moment God bless your family.


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