It’s Never Too Late To Start Again…..

In my line of work  as a personal trainer, I get to work with some amazing women and as you can imagine topics of life always arise. Yesterday a client I have had the glory to have worked with years ago, came back to train with me. A client who has carried many crosses, some heavy that by the grace of god is still alive today. Since she came back weeks ago I can see in her eyes a struggle for life, a soul reaching for happiness. She has conquered her epilepsy, gained her independence in doing so and has perfected the physical part of training. I opened the door of conversation, knowing I needed to struck a cord for she is in emotional and mental danger. I asked her what was going on I could see the struggle in her tired eyes and the impact it was having on her physical well being. She says to me, “I went to school for teaching it was always my passion but it has changed.  I don’t feel connected to this dream anymore,  it doesn’t make me happy. I am stressed out 99.9% of the time, I can’t sleep and have just found out I have ulcers which is why I haven’t been able to hold food down. I feel stuck! I don’t have money to go back to school better yet I have no idea what I even want to do to make me happy anymore”

I sat for a moment looking in her and saw myself 2 years ago! Miserable in the moments of life and although there were many blessings I couldn’t see them for the one or two things that I wasn’t happy about consumed my whole outlook on life. Was this part of God’s preparation for me? All I know if speaking from experience I told her to take some time for her, get away. Find a place where it is just you and you alone, no cell phones, no social media and reflect. I began to tell her that you are never too old to start again and find a new dream in fact, maybe teaching was what you were suppose to do at that time in your life, growing up changes things. I feel like our society sometimes puts pressures on people that if you leave the occupation you went to school for you failed. NO! It means your life has different expectations and levels of growth. I told her just that, but I also told her to find a different outlook besides for just the gym. As you all know my life was consumed by the gym for 19 years and although its great physically, your mental, emotional & spiritual growth becomes paralyzed to almost non-existent. Meditate I told her, yoga, weekend get away, but spend some alone time with you. Get to know you again, learn to be happy with you and your within, answers will come, I promise! I know many of you see it, we get so caught up in our relationships, careers, families that we lose ourselves! And in doing so become miserable and don’t realize it until we are drowning. Take a good step back and ask yourself are you happy? We all have areas to work on and always will but if you are not happy with yourself, how can you ever make anyone else happy?  Lastly, look at those around you and see if they are struggling, ask the questions, are you ok? Maybe your life’s journey and experiences is what they need to hear to know they are not alone & there is always hope. Stay connected, speak and watch the growth happen.

God Bless!!!

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At 42 years old I'm finally learning the purpose of life. Life changed for me this year in ways I could never have imagined, at my darkest days God showed me the light and brought me back to life. Sometimes you must lose it all in order to start again and this time with meaning. Being greatful for the blessings you have and for the blessing you can bestow on others. Realizing what is truly important in life is the impact you bring on others. I had always wanted to use my personal training to give women back power, power that I felt the first time I fell after a bad break up. I used training to rebuild myself but as explained in My Story is was never a complete rebuild. This year being ripped to my core I was able to rebuild myself not in the physical sense this time but the mental, emotional and spiritual foundations. See being fit is about completion of mind, body & spirit. I want to be able to help women see their true potential in life and each other.

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