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Boy when they say that the devil will step in at the most opportune times, they were not kidding. Last weekend I proclaimed letting go of part of my past, a piece that held me in all my chains of addiction and pain, it was in that moment that the devil began to rise to the surface. A neighbor  I had briefly met in December, I noticed that one morning things were a little odd, his car was double parked blocking in cars in the apartment complex flashers on and his wallet was laying on the ground outside the drivers door. Being me I picked up the wallet and went to his door to see if he was ok, no answer. I needed to leave for work so I left a note to call me when he got up so I knew he was alright. Well by 12:00p.m. I heard nothing so I ventured out on my lunch break to do a “well being” check on him and as I pulled up I could see the car was still here, blinkers off this time. I knocked until he answered and he asked if I was alright, I explained the wallet and seeing his car which the battery is now dead and he proceeded to thank me. “Who does this he says, no one just checks in on someone.” I said someone who cares and would hope that one day if ever I am in the predicament will do the same. He invited me to dinner to thank me, I reiterated several times it was not necessary but he confirmed.  See as I proclaimed me letting go of the chains that bound me to my past, the enemy was going to put EVERYTHING that I have given up in my face all at once and wanted to see my response. It was at that dinner that EVERYTHING was there…..EVERYTHING. I am not going to lie everything I had been fighting for the past year, one moment and it was gone, I sinned & not in just one manor but in ALL manners. I literally with out even hesitation BROKE and gave in to my sins, after it was over I could hear the enemy laughing he won. I wasn’t strong enough to fight all the battles, here I thought I was being just by giving up that one person and the devil wanted me to be bound forever to those sins & heavy chains. This week I have been praying to God to help me overcome these battles that I have to let go AGAIN and I swear just when you think he’s not listening, he sends his signs. Today I sat in church and it was our Baptism day at Willow, a day that last year  was the day I broke all my chains literally. I remember waking up that morning and knew all the afflictions I have been bound to were going to be GONE. The old me was on its way out and the new me was quickly coming to the surface. As I watched this morning each individual take the vow and be baptized in the name of Jesus, my favorite song “What A Beautiful Name” was being sung  I could hear God say I am not bound to these chains I have already been set free. I just have to believe in him more than ever & he will help me thru.  Today was such a blessing to witness the chains breaking again and know I can do this, see ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE.  I know I am not the only one who has fallen we are not bound to anything with Jesus, he sets us free……….JUST BELIEVE.

Amen to all of you and have a blessed week!!!!

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At 42 years old I'm finally learning the purpose of life. Life changed for me this year in ways I could never have imagined, at my darkest days God showed me the light and brought me back to life. Sometimes you must lose it all in order to start again and this time with meaning. Being greatful for the blessings you have and for the blessing you can bestow on others. Realizing what is truly important in life is the impact you bring on others. I had always wanted to use my personal training to give women back power, power that I felt the first time I fell after a bad break up. I used training to rebuild myself but as explained in My Story is was never a complete rebuild. This year being ripped to my core I was able to rebuild myself not in the physical sense this time but the mental, emotional and spiritual foundations. See being fit is about completion of mind, body & spirit. I want to be able to help women see their true potential in life and each other.

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