Taking some time today to reflect over the past couple years and recently these past couple weeks. What amazing growth and development has occurred not only in me but with my surroundings as well. Nothing has been easy and I don’t think it should ever be. The path less traveled builds, chances taken, risks ahead all can be scary but without taking any of those where would you end up? How do you ever discover your true potential, find out what your values and gifts are? We are all born with these, these are not man-made, no school can bestow these on you only God. Every choice we make, every turn we take in our journey starts to mold you piece by piece like he intended. The changes that comes your way either by choice or chance can either build you or drop you, if you fall looking up GET UP and in this time with new purpose, for he has a plan. I’ve learned in all this to be your self and TAKE CHANCES on your gifts, your talents, build your dream. If you die tomorrow can you say you lived your dream? Tried? Or have you fallen into the “THIS IS IT?” living phase. I don’t about you but I want to die knowing I touch lives, took chances, traveled, made lasting memories with family and friends but mostly knowing I lived for today, not yesterday nor tomorrow!

Are you at a place in life where you cringe every time you walk thru the door? Have the power to change it BUT stay anyway? Ask yourself this question as I did on more than one occasion ARE YOU NOT WORTH MORE TO YOURSELF? Better yet do you not believe in the gifts God gave you? You need to realize you are here for a purpose, if what you are doing does not feed your soul for joy and happiness IT’S NOT YOUR PURPOSE!  See when you start to believe in your self others see you in the light you were born with.

For the first time since Brian (my mentor) passed away I stand among people who value me. See my potential and want to help me expand that, what an amazing feeling that is! I took a risk, a chance on a new beginning not knowing where it might go. But I believed I deserved better, where I was it was no longer helping me to grow and what is life with out growth?

Where are you life? Time to take a RISK? BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!