Gone Too Soon My Friend!

I have been thru a lot of loss in my life to know how precious time is with others.  Sometimes curve balls are often thrown at you to remind you to focus on what is important, your life, your happiness, RELATIONSHIPS with others & memories made. I had the joy & honor of getting to know this funny Scottish man…Scotty.  He was my counterpart at work and we had so much fun together from me cranking him pretending I was a customer to covering his desk with post-its while he was out of the office. Scotty & I would have amazing conversations about life, love and of course music. Scotty loved music since he was a teenager and played in multiple bands til today. I had just spoke to Scott a little over 2 weeks ago and we were planning not only on doing lunch with him and the old crew but he was going to let me know when he was playing closer so I can come see him.  I will never forget he said ” I will let you know pal” and we said good-bye.


Little did I know that was the last goodbye I would say to him! I got the call today from an old co-worker stating that Scotty passed away last night, in total shock and awe I asked what from? Cancer she said, he didn’t want a lot of people to know. At first I was angry, why didn’t he tell me but then I remembered who HE WAS and he was quite the humble soul. So full of life and laughter I could only imagine he didn’t want his circumstance to bring others down.

Scotty…I will miss you, our talks, your laughter and your amazing personality!!!! You get to play for angels now my dear friend! Till we meet again….save the open stool for me so when I get there I can watch you play. On angels wings you fly…..miss you pal!

This was one of the many songs we always talked about, it suits you Scotty…you did it your way!!!